Easy to Use Accounting Software

SlickPie is designed to be as easy to use and simple as possible. The software offer an intuitive and seamless experience so users can start invoicing and getting paid faster as soon as they sign up. All tasks can be done in a matter of seconds, for instance, online invoicing, billing, reconciling bank accounts, accessing financial data, and uploading source documents.

The software also offers several automation tools to make accounting easy to use for all. Automatic payment reminders and auto-recurring invoices can be instantly set so users can have peace of mind about getting their invoices paid on time.

Another tool that thoroughly improves users experience is MagicBot, an automated data entry tool that’s simple and easy-to-use. With MagicBot, users can take photos pf receipts and bills and automatically enter the data from them in SlickPie. It’s a cutting-edge piece of technology that facilitates routine tasks.

SlickPie also provides a beautiful dashboard that optimizes the way the software is used. Users can get a quick glimpse at their business finances right after logging in their accounts. The app’s interface is entirely designed to deliver an easy answer for all requests.

There are many other reasons that make SlickPie the best easy-to-use free accounting software for small businesses on the market, so start getting paid faster today!