One of SlickPie’s main priorities is to make sure your data is always safe, secure and backed up to multiple redundant datacenters. All communication with our servers is encrypted with military-grade 256-bit encryption. This assures that no one else but you will ever access your information. It’s the ultimate peace of mind you can get – free, secure, and automatic backup of your business data.

SlickPie invests heavily to protect your personal and financial information against unauthorized access and system failures. Our services have been designed to deliver on high availability, with redundancy built into every level of our hosting infrastructure, including redundant power, network, database and web servers.

We have deployed our software on world-class network, data and physical security environments to ensure highest level of security. SlickPie continuously evaluates and reinforces security policy and practices. We go to great lengths to comply with local legislation covering the security and privacy of both individual and business data hosted on our servers.

User Login

If you leave your computer unattended for an extended period, you will be automatically logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity. Enter your login details again to get back and continue where you left off. Automatic lockouts of password are enforced if incorrect passwords are repeatedly entered. We don't allow the browser to save your login to protect you if your tablet or computer is stolen or compromised.

User Access

No one has access to your business data unless invited by you. You assign the level of user permission & remove any invited users whenever you want. You also have the option to invite Customer Support for assistance.

Physical Security

Access to our servers is restricted to authorized staff only. Our data centers use combination of biometric systems, video cameras, and 24/7 onsite security guards, and security is continually audited to meet every standard.

Firewalls & Network Security

External access to our servers is controlled by multiple layers of firewalls and intrusion protection systems which are configured and monitored according to industry best practices. Our own internal office networks are totally isolated from any customer data by design.

Ongoing Review of Security

Our security is reviewed regularly with penetrative testing and automated server port security scanning to determine any ongoing vulnerability including CSRF Attack, Cross Site Scripting, Denial of Service, Mass mining, SQL Injection, and Packet Sniffing.

Real Time Data Protection

SlickPie retains multiple copies of all our customer data in multiple geographic locations for real-time data protection. Because we back-up your data, you don't need to. If you ever decide to get your data out of SlickPie, you simply export it anytime.

More Secure than Desktop Software

With SlickPie your data isn't stored on your computer – if your laptop crashes, or is lost, or stolen, your entire data still remains completely safe with us. By allowing your accountant or advisor to have secure access to your data within SlickPie, it's much more secure than emailing your accounting data files or sending it out on a USB.