In SlickPie you can create quotes and estimates in a matter of seconds whenever you need. IF your prospective customers are still unsure about closing the deal you can simply use SlickPie to send them a quote containing the amount that they will be charge for each good or service your company is providing.

You’ll be able to send a complete outline of the sale, containing product name, product description, products price, and even taxes. In case your customers decide to close the deal, you can simply log in your SlickPie account and change the status of the quote to invoice and you’ll be good to go. The sale will take place and your customers will be able to pay you right away.

In case you can’t exactly precise each detail of the sale, you can also create estimates by inputting approximate prices or hours that will take for the order to be concluded. This is a handy resource for businesses and it is also available following the same standards of quotes.