SlickPie is a super intuitive and easy-to-use software designed to excel in user experience. A crucial part of that is assuring that users feel comfortable while using SlickPie so they can get the maximum out of our delightful software.

To make sure that everyone is enjoying all the resources that SlickPie has to offer, we implemented the most complete support network in the market so you can instantly get all the help you may need.

An awesome differential point we provide users with is phone support. Most companies can’t even dream about offering phone support to their customers without exponentially increasing their fees, but we offer this to all our users for absolutely no cost. You can get instant access to our experts over the phone so you can fully explain anything you need and get awesome support you deserve.

SlickPie also provides online support in two ways, chat and email. You can contact us through our live online chat and we’ll help you with real-time responses. The chats are conveniently one click away when you need them, and our team will reply you as soon as your message reaches them.

No email support is as fast-responsive as chat, but it certainly has its advantages. You can email us regarding any situations you face and we’ll give you in-depth response and solution of your problem.

On top of that, SlickPie created tutorial videos with step-by-step guides for the most commonly used functions. You can take advantage of that to actually see someone using the app and exemplifying what should be done next for each case, and all the videos are just a couple of minutes long to save you some valuable time.

Finally, we also have an extensive knowledge-base where you can find answers to practically any questions you might have. This base is getting improved day after day so users can always find their way out of any situations to use SlickPie at its finest.