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MagicBot is an automated receipt data entry tool that enables businesses to streamline accounting by automatically pulling information from bills and receipts and converting it into digital data.

MagicBot puts an end to the boring and time-wasting tasks of manual data entry in bookkeeping. This cutting-edge technology is exclusive to SlickPie and is one of the core components of our online accounting software. SlickPie is the first and only online accounting software for micro businesses and freelancers in the world to have such a revolutionizing resource built-in as part of a core accounting engine.

Easy Steps

Entering and categorizing expenses manually from receipts and bills is simply not something small business owners want to do. MagicBot doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty and working for you relentlessly so that you don’t have to spend hours and hours in front of a computer every month to manually input tons of bills and receipts data into your accounting systems. Precious time saved creates an opportunity to invest in actual business for growth or better service to existing clients.

Besides eliminating manual data entry for good, MagicBot is the ultimate tool that completely eradicate the pain of filing paper receipts or bills as digital copies are stored in the cloud for you. From now on, small business owners and freelancers can bring their business entirely to the latest digital trends on the market so that they can always stay one step ahead of the competition. MagicBot means, end of piles of paper that was being handled or stored, thus more free space and free time for entrepreneurs.

MagicBot instantly creates transactions with pertinent information such as vendor name, transaction date, due date, amount, taxes, etc. to save you considerable time on a daily basis. This was never possible before unless a small business invested in some additional software to work with their accounting software. SlickPie makes it intuitive, effortless, and easy to use with a single click of a button.

Take a look at how awesome and easy to use the MagicBot was for other businesses. Start enjoying this amazing time-saving resource right now for free and give your business that growth boost you’ve been waiting for!

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