Manage Bills

Having control of what bills to pay and when to pay them is as important as knowing how much your company is getting paid. In SlickPie you can create and manage bills so your finances are always accurate and healthy.

Every time you receive a new bill simply include it into your company’s account with all relevant details such as dates, amount, vendor, product, and quantity, and let SlickPie take care of the rest. We will sync all the information you input with your entire account finances so you can track down every penny that’s coming in and out your company.

In our constant pursue in optimizing small business finances and productivity, SlickPie is currently developing another amazing feature to allow users to pay all the created bills through in-app transactions! Soon you’ll also enjoy this great advantage to save your company valuable time by conveniently paying your bills simply by the click of a button in SlickPie. Fast, simple, and delightful.