Recurring Invoice

Most businesses have to invoice the same customers with the same amounts and on the same dates every month. A lot of time is spent on creating invoices for each transaction, so that’s why SlickPie provides recurring invoices benefits for its users.

With this feature users can set up automatic recurring invoices to be sent with the same terms and on the same respective dates. If you know that you’ll have to invoice the same customers again charging the same amounts on every first day of the month, you can simply set up that invoice to be sent automatically and you can just sit back and relax. The moony will start pouring in your account in no time.

By setting recurring invoices you will save time from boring and repetitive tasks, which can add up to great amounts at the end of the year. This is one of the best ways to automate the way your invoices are sent and the way that you get paid. Reducing typos and errors are also another benefit from using this resource.