SlickPie is Free Billing Software for Small Businesses

SlickPie offers all the main tools small businesses need to get paid faster from their customers. One the key features for companies’ success is having a healthy cash flow, that’s why SlickPie provides accounting and billing software for zero costs.

SlickPie free billing software is designed to deliver effortless and intuitive experience so users can start billing within two minutes after signing up, all they need is the product and contact information and they are good to go.

SlickPie also allows users to customize the bills they send in a matter of seconds, they can even upload their own logo on the bill to create a greater visual impact. If users want a more straight-forward approach they can simply go with SlickPie templates to start billing in no time.

Auto-recurring bills are also a big positive benefit users can enjoy in SlickPie since it grants business owners the opportunity of having peace of mind by knowing the bills are going to be automatically sent every set day of the month. Besides, users can also set up automatic payment reminders to be sent so their clients can always remember to pay the on time.

These are just a few reasons for why SlickPie is the best free billing software on the market, so start enjoying it today!