SlickPie is the best free invoice maker

In SlickPie, users can create and send invoices anytime they want and at no costs whatsoever. The software is designed to have an easy and straightforward approach so small business owners and freelancers can start invoicing within 2 minutes from signing up.

Some of many benefits SlickPie invoice maker offers are:

The invoices are instantly sent from SlickPie whenever users decide so, and they can be paid by credit cards, PayPal, or Stripe. Users also get notified when the invoices are paid so they can have peace of mind knowing their hard-earned money is safe and sound.

And SlickPie is not just an invoice maker, it’s all-in-one accounting software offering all the main features businesses need to run their accounting, such as online billing, financial reports, bank reconciliation, support, and more. The software interface is intuitive and beautiful to deliver the best user experience.

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